Herb Zinser's Science Reports - Part 2 The Earth gravity field WAR

The modern social science wars of atoms, math equations, biochemistry molecules, television photons, English language nouns and symbolic life.

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DNA NBA = Nitrogenous Bases basketball interaction with gravity field ERROR REPORT.


Humans live on Planet EARTH.  We are subsets embedded within the gravity field. The atoms and moeolcules in out bodies contain MASS;  gravity interacts with MASS.
Consequently ....... gravity field life plays and important role in human thoughts and activities.

Let's look at s…

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The economics of gravity field interaction with iron atomic mass.


The Earth's gravity fields interacts with atomic mass.   The interaction between gravity field life and the iron atom  has a major influence on the world's financial systems and economic activity.

UW-Milwaukee: Center for Gravitation and Cosmology - About Us


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Earth and gravity field WAR news.


IU mathematician offers unified theory of dark matter, dark energy ...

newsinfo.iu.edu › ... › Indiana University Media Relations
Sep 6, 2012 – A pair of mathematicians -- one from Indiana University and the other ... new set of gravitational field equations that take …

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The Egypt physics gravity WAR with gravity IS = Information Systems errors


The complete lack of interest about gravity on the EARTH surface and  the gravity field  interaction with  objects containing atomic mass ...is an interesting OMISSION.     Let's  look  at Nature's systems  and  the EARTH mathematical-physics  geogarphy surface equation:  Egypt.…

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The Georgia Tech and Newt Gingrich gravity field-carbon neutron interaction data equation


The Earth gravity field interacts with organic molecule humanoid structures in the geography state of Georgia.   

G --> gravity life and thought experiments in the state of Georgia.

Georgia Highway and Road Map

G..........Highway and Road Map

Gravity.Highway and Road Ma…

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The Galileo-Newton applied gravity connect equation of Connecticut


Humans live within the Earth's gravity field.  Humans are subsets embedded within the Earth gravity field;  a fact of  existence that can be ignored by citizens, universities  and governments.   Despite this human denial of earthly geo-physics REALITY;  Nature continues its evol…

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Gravity WAR accelerates as gravity 6.67 is attacked in year 2007


The attack upon the EARTH gravity field and the universal  gravitational constant  has resulted in several major gravity SIGNALING battles resulting in human tragedy. The gravity WAR signals  are routinely ignored by newspapers,  citizens ,state governments ,   and state univers…

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The Gravity & Magnetic field WAR --> the Earth GM parallel processing geography region WAR casualties


The EARTH  gravity and  magnetic field  interacts with human biology and its IRON atomic mass. The gravity/magnetic field WAR with the United States is part of the Hierarchy Problem of physics and modern Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family ........ atomic social science policie…

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Galileo Galilei JAN 8 message for NASA and Gabby Giffords


It seems that Nature's  messages are  routinely ignored by citizen, universities,  and governments.  Those groups prefer their Hollywood  style explanations of REALITY.   Newspapers print incomplete explanations  of tragic EVENTS  and universities fail to fill the information ga…

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President Roosevelt's astronomy gravity treaty of 1932 " The Isaac NEW Deal'



Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal, 1932-1940 - The Mason ...

Dec 14, 2010 – Franklin D. Roosevelt and the New Deal 1932 – 1940 is a straightforward political history. Leuchtenburg places FDR at th…

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Solar System GHOST 370 Host Connection Problem of the gravity site of Newtown, Connecticut



The Solar System has 9 planets...equivalent to 8 data bits and 1 parity error correction bit.
Thus the original data processing structure of the Solar System and its subsequent evolution to Planet Earth......is now, viewed as Computer Earth System 370 with biological comput…

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The Goethe Gravity Partition WAR NEWS from Arizona and New Mexico


Gravity has an important influence upon life on EARTH. Gravity field interacts with human brain atomic mass.   Thus, over thousands of years, Darwinian evolution of the gravity field and its interaction with brain mass thoughts has resulted in gravity field thoughts......hence, …

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Isaac Newton gravity VS Newtown Connecticut, Newton Gingrich, and Newton York City


The GRAVITY WARS  on earth   and gravity political science  seem to be in news.  Let's review ....


Gravity Feedback Control Systems



We shall review gravity feedback control systems  ...... whose existence is suggested by the SIGNALS   of humanoids that live w…

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Base 16 HEX gravity battle in Albuquerque, New Mexico



Let''s review a   gravity WAR   news EVENT.


News for new mexico shooting

  1. 'Horrific' New Mexico shooting leaves 5 dead; investigators arrest 15-year-old

    CNN ‎- 23 hours ago
    Investigators say a 15-year-old boy who may be related to the victims is being held …

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Goethe explains the GHOST --> Gravity HOST system 370


The EARTH gravity field has a major influence on world events. Gravity interacts with human brain MASS;  thus, over thousands of years of Darwinian evolution..... gravity field  interaction  with brain thoughts has resulted in  gravity field thoughts. The gravity grammar  though…

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Gravity quadratic equations roots of existence


The Earth gravity field influences all aspects of existence......... including human thought . Gravity interacts with atomic mass; specifically,  with human brain atomic mass.  Thus gravity could send messages VIA the human  interface  ......the human would amplify and enhance t…

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Gravity architecture history


Earth  has a   gravity field  that interacts with atomic mass.  A theorist  could consider  some EVENTS and happenings on EARTH as gravity expressions of the   GRAVITY FIELD.   Since the gravity field interacts with atomic  MASS,   it may have a  major influence on life.…

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Earth GRAVITY signaling systems and the gravity WAR


Humans are subsets embedded within the Earth's gravity field.    For  thousands of years,   gravity field interaction with human MASS  has existed. Thus,  Darwinian  evolution of the gravity field with  human brain MASS thought  has given rise to  gravity LIFE  forms with though…

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Gravity & Organic WORLD administrative systems architecture


The periodic atomic table elements has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic mass , organic molecule structures named: humanoid.
Such humans are comprised of atomic mass in a organic chemistry biological format.  Theorists claim that some of these humans have  an…

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The NASA ionosphere WARS with the Gabby Gifford protein HEME group Fe(ii) ion. The EXTERNAL atmosphere VS the INTERNAL atmosphere.



The Herbert  Spencer book from year 1872 "Principles of Biology"  and  its outline of the structure of existence helps us explain the NASA social science  battlefield wounded ...wounded in the SCIENCE WARS  with   NASA, Office of Science and other groups …

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