Herb Zinser's Science Reports - Part 2 The Earth gravity field WAR

The modern social science wars of atoms, math equations, biochemistry molecules, television photons, English language nouns and symbolic life.

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Book reveals University of Wisconsin gravity secrets and gravity murder systems technology

Book-128 analysis report  by Herb Zinser covers several things ....with a focus on gravity field interaction with human LIFE and DEATH  .....  such as your life  ... existing within the EARTH gravity field  of WAR.  


Let's look at another blog post that explains several things ....…

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The astrophysics astrocyte battle with NASA at the Arizona grocery store and Newtown, Connecticut.

Rd-blog-number-4470 by Herb Zinser reviews the astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION war zone  ... the living EARTH cell and the astrocyte battles with NASA and others.

The astrocyte battle of interest is the shooting of Gabby Giffords in Arizona.

  1. 2011 Tucson shooting - Wikipedia, the fre…

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Jeff Woods lives in the gravity government district 67 of the University of Wisconsin

Rd-blog-number-3695 by Herb Zinser


Jeff Wood of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin has done major experiments in evolutionary biology  and  Nature's social expression systems and Nature's message processing systems.


Let's look at his contributions to the empirical database of molecule thought evo…

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The Borde-Sorkin conjecture helps explain gravity field insects and IRON-56 pests.



Let's review some mathematical-physics concepts about EARTH existential entities,  some  applications of the Borde-Sorkin conjecture, and then we will look at the Borde-Sorkin conjecture about gravity insects and the  history of  the Iron-56  isotopes  pests conflict  in Eur…

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Roy Rodgers and Trigger explain gravity



Gravity field messages have been shown to the public via Hollywood movies and  broadcast on television.  Let's look at atomic mass  message system ... that is the mass communications system comprised of television, radio, movies, print, and the graphic arts.  Science student…

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Gravity field ships and data yachts

Rd-blog-number-3499  by Herb Zinser


Let's look at gravity data field messages that appear in newspapers, road maps,  advertising, WEBSITE themes, etc.


The gravity field interacts with human brain mass giving brain weight.   In addition,  the gravity field interacts with serious, heavy th…

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The Issac Newton New York City road rage message to the West Road gravity communications bridge at CamBRIDGE universities.



Let's look at  the bio-gravity social expression news reports from the Isaac Newton gravity city known as NEW YORK CITY.

2nd NYPD Undercover Officer Comes Forward In Biker  Road-Rage ...

1 day…

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The gravity VS anti-gravity message --> the Milky Way gravity WAR to recapture control of EARTH LAB .



Let's look at NATURE's   message processing system  and the signal --> gravity VS anti-gravity    ..... the  signal DEMO via human agents that interface with the Earth gravity field .... such as NASA and their rockets that pass thru the gravity field  ...  a type of anti-gra…

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The gravity thought control system INTERACTION model with brain potassium atom K provides CLUES to social systems and murder.



The gravity field interaction  with atomic human bio-physics life has existed for thousands of years. The INTERACTION mechanism existed at the Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness of  the human species .... the GROUP MIND.    On occasion, the  gravity field  thoughts …

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Gravity waves and gravity strings INTERACTION with DNA nucleotides and B100D symbol expressions help explain gravity MURDER systems.


The Planet Earth is a subset of the Solar System.  Earth has  a gravity field  that interacts with human atomic mass and human atomic thoughts.

Thus  VIA thousands of years of  evolution  ....  the gravity field/ brain thought interaction system has given rise to the gravity…

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The 1966 gravity / B100D ratio war in Chicago



Let's look at the 1966,     G = universal gravitational consant  of 6.67  and the number 100 within the alpha/numeric word B100D.

B100D --> alphabet letter B    +   number 100  + letter D.



First, let's look at gravity field interaction with humans and their…

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Gravity Route 66 studies of God and Jewish theology in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Let's look at modern theology concepts of GOD.


THEOLOGY - JewishEncyclopedia.com

Jump to God Incorporeal. - . The belief in God as the sole Creator of the world and of all living creatures necessitates also a belief …

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The gravity field interaction with iron Heme group produces the bio-computer output writer ----> Jonathan Swift.


Let's look at an historical example of gravity field thoughts  that arranged to  write the  social science  book  on G = universal gravitational constant LIFE forms.   



The fist gravity life signal  that we can recognize occurred  in year 1667.


Jonathan …

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The year 2013 gravity equation WAR in Egypt



The geography country of Egypt  is the site of many world INTELLECTUAL  and social science WAR battles.  




The major COMPUTER EARTH system 370  battle in the geography LAND computer address space  of  Base 16  range  of    HEX 'A' = 1o   thru  HEX "F'' = 15 …

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The Gravity LU battle over the soul of the Gravity Base LU = Lucasian Chair




The Gravity communication  problem took a nasty turn in Milwaukee, Wisconsin,  USA      ... ... with the death of Jake Gerard and the
INTELLECTUAL cover-up by  universities.  Gravity field specialists  at universities are not allowed to discuss gravity social scienc…

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The Gravity War of 1812


The  WAR of  1812   is better described as the  Gravity WAR of 1812 with  Nature's  GB = Gravity Base --> Great Britain.    This  makes sense  ...since Great Britain has some humanoids  ...whose  brain cell MASS  interacts  with the gravity  field.   Such rare bio-computer human…

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The Newton gravity light WAR casualties .... link Sandy Hook murders to Oconomowoc, Wisconsin murder


2  primary tragic  EVENTS  and other secondary EVENT provide empirical data CLUES for physics theorists on the gravity light war --> the GL signal --> Gravity Light and Nature's GL =   General Ledger accounting systems of human societies.  
Humans and human institutions  are subs…

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The gravity field human bio-computer



The Earth gravity field interacts  with the human body  mass.    
Thus the equation:    gravity forces   x  human body mass =  weight 


Thus we see the bio-computer features of a humanoid   structure within the gravity field.
A human has height and weight within…

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The Schwarzschild gravity equation WAR casualties in Newtown, Connecticut


 Astrophysics  galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth) is an interesting test site for gravity  experiments.  Gravity exists on the surface of EARTH and has interaction properties with atomic  mass.   Of  particular interest, is the interaction of the gravity field with atomic, bio…

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Are you a experimental gravity humanoid?


Astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet EARTH) is an interesting experimental test  site.   Social science researchers living on EARTH have an excellent variety of   EARTH LAB human specimens available  for study and explanation.  Humans are subsets embedded within the multi-…

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