Herb Zinser's Science Reports - Part 2 The Earth gravity field WAR

The modern social science wars of atoms, math equations, biochemistry molecules, television photons, English language nouns and symbolic life.

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The year 2013 gravity equation WAR in Egypt



The geography country of Egypt  is the site of many world INTELLECTUAL  and social science WAR battles.  




The major COMPUTER EARTH system 370  battle in the geography LAND computer address space  of  Base 16  range  of    HEX 'A' = 1o   thru  HEX "F'' = 15 ---> giving the computer expression of  symbols  A , F -->   AFrica   took place with the A/N --> Alpha /numeric base 16 assassination of    A/N  WAR  --> ANWAR    Sadat.



  • Anwar Sadat
  • أنور السادات
Anwar Sadat cropped.jpg
Anwar Sadat in 1980.
President of the Arab Republic of Egypt
formerly President of the United Arab Republic



  • Anwar Sadat
    Former President of Egypt
  • Anwar El Sadat was the third President of Egypt, serving from 15 October 1970 until his assassination by fundamentalist army officers on 6 October 1981.

Super-symmetry physics mirrors  give us the signal of  October 1970  -->  O  the 19th letter of alphabet = S  --> giving OS

Year 1970 -->  1 32 7 0 --> implies IBM system 370 LINK



Thus we see copper-wire computer systems and human brain bio-computer systems working on Nature's super-symmetry physics / bio-physics experiments.





Let's look at the current SCIENCE WAR  situation in Egypt in August of year 2013. 


The SCIENCE WARS were officially  recognized around 1996 ... and have continued thru  year 2013.

New York Times columnist Paul Krugman tries to ... - Physics Today

Nov 26, 2012 - Rubio's answer caused conservative New York Times columnist Ross .... In fact, why did Physics Today refer to this as
the "Science Wars", ...



A Report from the Front of the Science Wars - American ...

by EM Harrell II - ‎1996 - ‎Cited by 4 - ‎Related articles
A Report from the Front of the “Science Wars”. The controversy over the book Higher Superstition, by Gross and Levitt and the recent articles by Sokal. Evans M.
The situation in Cairo, Egypt.
: 18 Aug 2013 
Middle East

Egypt forces clear Cairo mosque of protesters


Security forces clear anti-coup protesters from Fateh mosque near Ramses Square, ending day-long standoff.

Egyptian authorities have cleared a Cairo mosque of anti-coup protesters, following a day-long siege punctuated by gunfire, tear gas volleys and mob attacks.

The Fateh mosque in Ramses Square was evacuated on Saturday of protesters holed up since violence flared in the square on Friday evening. Police stormed the building on Saturday evening, moving the protesters out and beyond angry crowds who had formed outside.

Fresh protests were held in the Cairo suburbs of Helwan and Giza, and the city of Alexandria, in defiance of a sunset curfew imposed by the interim regime. 

Some reports said many of those removed from the mosque were taken away in police and military vehicles



  • Cairo
    Capital of Egypt
  • Cairo is the capital of Egypt and the largest city in the Arab world and Africa. Its metropolitan
  • area is the 16th
  • largest in the world. Located near the Nile Delta, it was founded in AD 969. Wikipedia





Egypt street battles leave at least 82 dead


Published: August 16, 2013 



 Egypt's capital descended into chaos Friday as vigilantes at neighborhood checkpoints battled Muslim Brotherhood-led protesters denouncing the ouster of President Mohammed Morsi and a deadly crackdown. The fiercest street clashes Cairo has seen in more than two years of turmoil left at least 82 people dead, including 10 policemen.

Thus we have Nature's ancient computer systems WAR demo  ....... Nature's modern  SYMBOL MACHINE  battle with the
human bio-computer CPU = Cairo PUblic --> CPU =  Central Processing Unit comprised of humanoids.

IBM Archives: System/370 Model 115

www-03.ibm.com › ... › IBM MainframesMainframes reference room
IBM Archives: Exhibits: IBM Mainframes: System/370 Model 115. ... The new computer's central processing unit includes main memory, main storage controller ...

Systems IBM System/370 Model 145 Functional ... - Trailing-Edge

IBM System/370 Model 145 Functional Characteristics • 5. System Residence and Maintenance-Storage Requirements.
6. Central Processing Unit (CPU)
 Egypt's  --> Order Entry systems 

Internship Information Washington, DC Think Tanks

Washington, DC Think Tanks. 1. American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Internship Information --> super-symmetry  accurate REALITY 

Internship Information --> iron metal ships

The above physical tanks represent the below think tanks .. brain symbol machine froups ...sample list.



Now,  we have  outlined the  background  information that surrounds    the  mystery of modern Egypt.


Why the Military conflict?

That is over the Egypt equation --> E + gy + pt  --> Einstein's gravity pointers.

The pointer is a message for WEST POINT --> point to KEY WEST (Florida and Hawking WEST ROAD at  Cambridge University)  -->  Key West ponter --> Longboat Key (Sarasota and the Event Horizon) ---> Far Horizons Resort ..sort/merge data records  -->  West  Road, Wisconsin, North America.

We see a chain of gravity pointers ....... thus we  look at MIL --> gravity MILITARY headquarters located in MILwaukee.


UWM researchers win prestigious Gravitation Award - UW-Milwaukee

www4.uwm.edu › Letters and SciencePhysicsNews
  • ... in the Gravity Essay competition from the Gravity Research Foundation (GRF). ... the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a founding member of the UWM ...
The UW super-symmetry campus is Madison.
Thus we have route  between Madison and Milwaukee ...... and   the HUBBLE(ton), Wisconsin   special astronomy project uses  IDENTIFIER  ...County Road G  = Universal gravitational constant.   
Nearby ... in Watertown  ... we see  Computer Earth  landmarks /routes   .....
County road E  to Pipersville (Earth LINK data pipeline)
Gy --> Gypsy ROAD  and the West Road.
Thus we have Nature's super-symmetry  Egypt  with hexadecimal highway 16 in Watertown,
Thus we begin  to see Nature's   messages about the Earth gravity HOST computer system  ....... with Cairo, Egypt, Africa    and the Hubbleton/  Watertown/ Highway 16 , Wisconsin region as Nature's  mirror  ..... providing some intellectual observations and feedback  about the world-wide  gravity social engineering  system  and its conflict messages.
To complete our gravity computer  outline ...we go to the VSAM CA = geography  Control Area of CA = California   ..... and within that geography region we have the VSAM  CA = thought CONTROL AREA known as CALTECH.

Theory of Everything – Caltech Cornell SXS Collaboration ...

Apr 25, 2011 - Kip Thorne's membrane hypothesis of black holes paved the way for the HOLOGRAPHIC QUANTUM PRINCIPLE Of GRAVITY. Thorne's team ...

"What is Gravity?" An Aspen Lecture with Caltech Professor Hirosi ...

Jul 18, 2013 - Aspen Center fhttp://www.eventbrite.com/create#create-free-ticketor Physics presents "What is Gravity?" An Aspen Lecture with Caltech .

Virtual Storage Access Method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Virtual storage access method (VSAM) an IBM disk file storage access method, ...

Control Areas are the units of allocation
so, when a VSAM data set is defined, ...
California Institute of Technology

Mainframe VSAM INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - What is Control Interval ...

Jul 20, 2009 - 2 posts - ‎1 author
Control area is a group of control intervals. CA is used during allocation. CA size is calculated based on the allocation type (cyl,
tracks or ...
Thus  seeing Nature's  VSAM  CA communication problems with CALTECH  intellectuals  ..........  we see the  CA--> CAIRO and the Einstein gravity pointer data space  battle taking place  within the  VSAM  CI = Control Interval --> CITY  of  CAIRO
Thus we see Nature's computer code ..
CITY of CAIRO    ....subset VSAM identifiers ...
CI...........CA   --> Control Interval  ..... Control Area
Thus between  Cambridge University, University of Wisconsin and its gravity road maps,  and CALTECH   ...we can better understand the  year 2013 military conflict in Cairo, Egypt    as  .,.....

the EARTH gravity HOST computer system conflict /problems with  VSAM  data space  ..gravity pointers.
Thus we see the DEMO method of Nature's INTELLECT ......... ....

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible
thus the visible  conflicts in Cairo, Egypt    ...are on televesion news  and printed in newspapers   ..... providing empirical data to world scientists .....

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