Herb Zinser's Science Reports - Part 2 The Earth gravity field WAR

The modern social science wars of atoms, math equations, biochemistry molecules, television photons, English language nouns and symbolic life.

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The gravity field human bio-computer



The Earth gravity field interacts  with the human body  mass.    
Thus the equation:    gravity forces   x  human body mass =  weight 


Thus we see the bio-computer features of a humanoid   structure within the gravity field.
A human has height and weight within the gravity DATA FIELD.

Height gives words/symbols --> H  + eight  --> Hex eight --> base 16 Hexadecimal 8 data bits

Weight gives  words/symbols ---> W + eight --> 8 data bits --> 1 byte 


Byte - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The byte (pron.: /ˈbaɪt/) is a unit of digital information in computing and telecommunications that most commonly consists of eight bits. Historically, a byte was ...

Thus we see the Base 16 HEX bio-computer features of a humanoid   structure within the gravity field.
A human has height and weight within the gravity DATA FIELD.

Height gives words/symbols --> He  + eight  --> Hex eight --> base 16 hexadecimal 8 data bits

Weight gives  words/symbols ---> We + eight --> West  8 data bits --> 1 byte 

West   refers  to the West Road with Hawking living in Europe  in   GB =  Gravity Base geography country = Great Britain.
The West Road gravity war took place in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.   The University of Cambridge administration  denies the existence  of  the gravity wars and the events at the West Road on the American side of the Atlantic ocean  ......   the super-symmetry parallel   ......  to the West Road on the Europe side of the Atlantic Ocean.



The the human body is a data processing platform  living  embedded within  the  COMPUTER  EARTH system 370 gravity field processor.
This is the  well-known Einsteins's data processing DATA FIELD theory application.



Thus we see the  exponent  11 (shown above) is an important component of the human SKU  number 11 = eleven ---> SKU11.

Th Nature consider EARTH as a warehouse of ideas, concepts, and  thoughts  ...within the humanoid Symbolic Machine.

Thus  the geography, land surface of EARTH is the warehouse floor  with an inventory of objects ...such  as:

cellulose  LUMBER = LU + MBER --> Logical Unit  & Members of a PDS = Partitioned Data Set  ...that is the partition of Sartre existential ...earthly space/time into various sections or schools of thought. Lumber in a  building supply warehouse store has a SKU = Stock Keeping Unit.

In the EARTH warehouse  with an inventory of humanoid BODY bio-computers ...known as person computers  with EIGHT --> Height and Weight ......
they are assigned the gravity DATA field  ( interested in the  inventory of serious math and science  symbolic  ideas)    .... SKU  identifier...... odd integer  number 11 ---> SKU +  number 11 ---> SKU11.
Are you math major?  
Are you a numb SKU11?    Yes.
Numb  SKU11 ---> Number  11  .... SKU11 with  2 parallel lines .... the axioms of Euclidean geometry 

Why is math odd integer 11  = English word eleven with subset word:   even
Is odd integer 11  also an even integer?
Is odd integer  11   the  CAUSE of the  battle at Virginia TECH ENglish Department that states it is an even integer. 

Why won't the  Office of Science AND the National Science Foundation help explain this.
Maybe, the AMS  has the courage  into look into the paradox about the gravity exponent 11.  

This is in  accordance with the  FermiLAB  bio-physics  RD  with Odd ONE --> 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11   ........  the ST.Charles (Darwin), Illinois  geography region ...that contains the  EARTH LAB gravity specimen  that originated  near the G = universal gravitational constant region of the Galapagos Islands of  Peru.

The spanned data record format of his bio-computer SPANISH language and the education of his  INTERNAL biochemistry cellular MIT = MITOCHONDRIA at the EXTERNAL  educational institution of MIT   located at COMPUTER  EARTH system 370  communications bridge  known as the BRIDGE of Cambridge ... provides  excellent data.
The brain is a bio-computer...... a symbolic machine.  
It has been for thousands  of years.

The brain has been misprogrammed.  Citizens and  communities approve  of  government policy to use the Federal Communication Commission  and television to program  the  arm/wrist/hand  myogloblin proteins  to EAT more food.  

Myoglobin proteins  use the  oxygen atomic base 16 storage facility. 

Proteins .....have the subset word ROTE  .... .hence, the  "rote"  computer instructions are created in the protein ...by the repeated usage of the same advertising slogans on TV over several  months.  

The year 2013 television logo "Create" with the red circular BLOB  on Public Television  is directly responsible for the television programming of the brain of James Holmes and his red hair message.   Super-symmetry bio-physics with  parallel EVENT  probability analysis  agrees with this MODEL of CAUSE and EFFECT.  

Thus we see that   human programmable bio-computer   interacts with many things ( gravity, books, television, music lyrics)  that can influence  or program  the bio-computer.  The copper wire computers  provide CLUES and the terminology needed to describe  the  ancient to modern human person computer.
Thus the copper wire computer is a  partial   mirror to our person bio-computer.

Returning to gravity ...........  the gravity FIELD interaction with  human DATA thoughts  ....give DATA FIELDs that go into the gravity field  giving it a intellectual life.

The reason people in NORTH America over-eat ..... is their bio-computer brain was taught  incorrect instructions.

They perceive the data processing concept of 1 data byte  as  1 more bite of Base 16 Hex'fo"  = 240 food.
Notice the audio sound ........  byte = bite.



Thus we have language confusion inside the brain ...that needs  to be clarified to the public by authorized spoke persons. 

Citizens are bio-computers living in the world of string theory bio-physics ....... that is puppet string theory. 

Now we have gravity strings .....  and  gravity puppet string theory and its many  applications. 

Gravity field life  has the well-known gravity highway. 





Does gravity  exist?   What do you think?   

For further information ask the secret gravity societies  ..like NASA  and  their gravity Congress woman: Gabby Giffords  with the  Route 66 Arizona gravity FIELD. 

It is an interesting world  ..... so much remains to be discovered   ... the  adventures  offered by these  puzzles.

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